CharNor is located in Milan Illinois and markets  remanufactured forklift components

exclusively to forklift dealers. CharNor provides the following products and services to its customers


About Our Company


For over 35 years CharNor has provided quality remanufactured parts on an exchange basis to

corporate industrial equipment dealers.  CharNor is interested in building long term relationships

with its customers where both parties win. We are in the business of helping you service

your customer. If you fail, we fail. We want to  develop partnerships. 

We will work with you any way we can to develop your market.

If you’re only  looking for the lowest price and short term gain we are not the partner for you.


Competitive Pricing

                      CharNor provides its products at competitive prices.

                      Though we may not always be the lowest priced

                      our combination of service, pricing and quality sets us apart.

                      We can offer our products at competitive  prices because

                      we concentrate on all aspects of cost:


                          Labor:  To obtain maximum efficiency we pursue new manufacturing methods

                                       to reduce labor content in our products.


                       Material:  We evaluate the quality and price of our purchased parts to ensure

                                        quality and ease of assembly.


                    Overhead:  We are focused on eliminating waste in everything we do.




                                 CharNor is focused on providing the best service in the industry.

                                 We believe the best way to service the customer is to have the shortest delivery time 

                                 and provide you with after sales service from trained professionals.

 Shortest Delivery Time

 In order to have the shortest delivery for engines we have developed strategic stocking.

 We are now only producing high demand engines that cover 90% of the market demand.

Our goal is to have these engines on the shelf whenever you require them. By eliminating

randomness in our product offering we can provide greater product availability and the highest quality levels.


By focusing on fewer products we can provide you with greater availability and shorter lead

times.  Although we may not provide every engine you may ever desire, our goal is to provide

you with high demand product that is quality built and always available.


After Sales Service


                   CharNor prides itself on its after sales service.  Whenever a customer calls in with a question we

                   respond to any inquiry immediately.  We understand that you have a customer who is waiting for

                   an answer.  Your sales person is your first line of contact. If there is a need for one of our

                   technicians, quality personnel or managers to assist they are always available to help.


In summary, CharNor has developed the following strategy:


Strategic Stocking

        * CharNor stocks only high demand product.

        * Reduce product randomness.

        * Result: shortest lead times, higher quality levels.



                        In CharNor’s view quality is an absolute requirement. We are implementing a

                        Quality Improvement Plan.


                        The plan consists of the following:

                                 * Eliminate product randomness.

                                 * Improved training programs.

                                 * Detailed work instructions (improvement and development of new methods)

                                      * First time through analysis and feedback.

                                      * Testing improvements.

                                      * Warranty tracking analysis and feedback.


                        Much of the items in the plan exist in one form or another but we are focused on making

                        our systems more robust. We must continually strive to improve our methods and never

                        be satisfied. The above list contains the elements of our quality plan.

                        Our Quality Goals are simple.


                                      * All products manufactured to a defined standard.

                                      * All products manufactured in a continual improvement environment.

                                      * All products meet or exceed customer expectations.


Why Reman?

                  * Lower cost than new

                  * Remanufactured to OEM or improved specifications

                  * Warranty exceeds that of new

                  * Superior to repairing or rebuilding. Problems will be identified due to:

            100% disassembly and cleaning

            100% inspection of all parts

            100% of wear items are replaced with new parts

                  * Increases a dealerships revenue vs. repair or rebuilding

                  *  Excellent for environment


       We are always open to new opportunities and expanding our offering if it makes good long term financial sense for CharNor and our customers.  If you have a project that requires a long term partner please give our marketing department a call.  If you need an item not listed in our product offerings please call your sales representative. We need your input to better understand the market’s needs. We will continually add and deduct from our offering in order

       to serve our customers with competitive pricing, the highest quality and the best service.



This page contains nothing but words. The proof will be in our performance.

 We have an open invitation  to all our customers to come and look at our facility

and meet our people. Come see how we work and how we are dedicated

 to continuous improvement.


Watch our company video


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CharNor Inc., 1711 1st Avenue East, Milan Illinois, 61264. Quad Cities, Davenport, Bettendorf Iowa, Rock Island, Moline Illinois.

Phone: (309) 787-2427, Fax: (309) 787-9410, Sales: 800-447-3967.



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